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Management by algorithm: does it work and how should it be regulated?

A private Science|Business Data Rules workshop (14:00 – 16:45 CET)

Segment 1: How AI is changing the workplace 

  • How data analytics has changed employment practices and given risen to the gig economy  
  • How much data are employers capturing about employees?  
  • How should employers go about securing employee support for greater use of AI-based tools? 
  • As digital tech becomes increasingly pervasive, are employers making greater use of biometrics and health-related data?  
  • To what extent should AI be used to recruit, assess and manage people?  
  • What are the key risks in each case? 

Segment 2: What rules should employers have to follow?  

  • How should employment-related uses of AI be regulated? For example, should AI be used to gauge employees’ emotions?   
  • Is the EU AI Act taking the right approach? Or is the White House’s AI Bill of Rights a better approach?  
  • What are other jurisdictions doing? Will some regions gain a competitive advantage?  
  • To what extent will employers have to change their practices?  
  • How will new rules impact the gig economy?  
Practical Information

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