FP9: Top Stories
Ties that bind: Brexit to deliver challenges and opportunities for Irish universities
The UK’s exit from the EU may have bigger consequences for Ireland’s universities than counterparts in mainland Europe. Patrick Prendergast, head of Trinity College Dublin, spells out his concerns
Let the people decide how to spend (some) EU research funds
Making the case for giving citizens a say on future science paths and some other ideas for the European Commission’s next research programme
EU Commission sketches possible directions for FP9
The European Commission launches the Bohemia Study, a foresight exercise aiming to ensure the next EU research programme is equal to the challenges of the 2020s
FP9 should keep funding blue sky research, say ERC grantees
Applications of basic research may not be immediately obvious but the findings will help to solve long-term societal challenges, say ERC-funded scientists at Science|Business meeting


EU has three options for filling its £8.5B Brexit funding hole
The UK’s contributions to the Euro club looks set to stop in the next few years, creating a problem for the long-term planning of the EU budget. German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel considers ways of addressing the practical headache
How will the next EU research programme shape up without the UK and Switzerland?
The prospect of losing two science heavyweights looms over preparations for Framework Programme 9. Science|Business brought together researchers, funders and policymakers to debate and discuss the implications
FP9: Special Coverage

Planning is underway for the next EU Framework Programme for research and innovation. Bookmark this page and register for our newsletter to follow developments closely – with Science|Business reports, events and news.

Research Strategies: The next Framework Programme
In October 2016, the Science|Network of universities, companies and innovation organisations gathered in Brussels to debate the future of EU R&D programmes. The result: A profusion of ideas, recommendations and warnings for the future of EU research and innovation.

Policy papers

A library of views on FP9. Send yours to news@sciencebusiness.net.

Austrian FP9 Think Tank: Focus the money on key priorities
Austrian R&I leaders offer some early principles for designing the next Framework programme.
National Research Council of Italy (CNR): An innovation focus
In mapping the current political landscape, CNR offer projections on possible future orientations of the next Framework policy, suggesting innovation may come out on top.
European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH): Better research requires the social sciences and humanities
EASSH argue for a pivot towards a more open, interdisciplinary and extended research agenda in the design of the next Framework Programme.
Norwegian Government: Think green innovation
This wide-ranging viewpoint by Norway lays out the wishes of the government, as well as a number of Norwegian stakeholders, on the principles, priorities and structure of FP9
Science Europe: Focussing research for societal benefit
Science Europe provide a clear and detailed document on the European priorities and values they believe FP9 should incorporate.
Research Strategies: Europe 2030 and the next Framework Programme
This Science|Business Network conference brought together a select group of corporate executives, university administrators and policy leaders from all over Europe and from all sectors/disciplines to discuss among peers the Commission's newly prepared scenarios for the future and analyse how they will affect R&D strategies of companies, universities and governments.