University of Eastern Finland: Jaakko Puhakka leaves his position as Academic Rector

The Academic Rector of the University of Eastern Finland, Jaakko Puhakka, has announced that he will be leaving his position before the end of the term of office. Puhakka will continue as the university’s Academic Rector until August.


The university’s Board discussed Puhakka’s notice of resignation in a meeting held on 5 April. The Board decided that the Academic Rector position will be filled for the period 1 August 2017–31 December 2019 through a procedure involving internal expressions of interest.

Lea Ryynänen-Karjalainen, the Chair of the UEF Board, expresses her thanks to Jaakko Puhakka for his outstanding collaboration and interest in the development of the university. The position of the Academic Rector will be filled internally due to time-related reasons and due to the fact that a thorough understanding of the university and its activities is required.

“The recruitment of the new Deans this spring, together with a possibility to retire, make this a good time to make room for new leaders and new ideas,” says Jaakko Puhakka to leave his position as Academic Rector. “It has been a privilege to work with the talented and motivated students, researchers and teachers of UEF,” Puhakka says.

Puhakka has been the university's Academic Rector since early 2015. The Academic Rector works as the Rector’s partner and is responsible for matters relating to education, research, research funding and international affairs.

The term of office of the Rector and the Academic Rector is five years, and the current term will end at the end of 2019.

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