Science Europe: Focussing research for societal benefit

Science Europe provide a clear and detailed document on the European priorities and values they believe FP9 should incorporate.


This position paper by Science Europe, a group of research funding and research performing organisations, provides a detailed document on the priorities and values their membership believes FP9 should incorporate: excellence, independence, openness, diversity, high ethical standards, and gender equality. These are arranged over a series of seven points, arguing for a coordinated, focussed and bolstered new Framework programme.

From the text:

Key aspects for FP9:
  • Is focused on excellence
  • Demonstrates a clear added value
  • Links excellent research with innovation and benefits society
  • Is driven by a strategic approach to international co-operation    
  • Integrates Open Science
  • Has a sufficient budget to realise its ambitions
  • Is clear, simple and transparent in its implementation 

“The concept of ‘Technology Readiness Level’ (TRL), as currently used, fosters linear thinking about innovation, which fails to take into account the full extent of the contributions that science makes to society. This contribution should be appropriately considered, starting with a notion of impact that is broader than economic impact, and that fully and equally embraces the contributions that science makes to the environment, to public health, to societal well-being and to culture.”

Read the full report here

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