National Research Council of Italy (CNR): An innovation focus

In mapping the current political landscape, CNR offer projections on possible future orientations of the next Framework policy, suggesting innovation may come out on top.


This reflection paper, by the Italian government’s main research council, provides a detailed viewpoint of the current political landscape and possible future orientations of FP9 policy. It discusses the evolution of past Framework policies and uses this context, combined with the current political mood, to generate a projection on the possible structure of FP9.

The suggested structure has an innovation focus, with priority given to research which is closer to the market. Enhanced cooperation between the Commission and member states could, in reality, see FP9 ‘gluing’ together national research and innovation policies around a new set of societal challenges, particularly (and not without controversy), defence. 


From the text:

“…The 80 billion euro allocated to Horizon 2020 it’s [sic] a record hard to be reproduced, even though the European Parliament will probably ask for the same budget of 100 billion euro as it did for Horizon 2020. We consider wisest to expect a reduction for FP9… Among the novelties in the coming Framework Program for Research is well shared the opinion that security and defence research will play an important role… The first pillar remains fundamentally unchanged compared to Horizon 2020, and linked to scientific excellence. The second focuses on issues with higher innovation impact and strong attention to the market. The third insists on societal challenges and on “research in cooperation” but with the important role of cofinancing from the Member States. Still difficult to predict the aspects related to the search for security and defense research.”

Read the full report here

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