The insider’s guide to Horizon 2020 with expert funding tips to help increase your odds of success

Horizon 2020 is a big deal. It’s a vital source of research income for the largest universities in Europe. It’s part of the open innovation strategies of many multinationals, and now a roll-of-the-dice shot at funding for thousands of start-up companies. In this report you’ll meet the people who matter from the European Commission, European Parliament, academia and business, all of whom have insights and opinions to share on the programme. It’s the story so far – from the very smallest components of Horizon 2020 up to the large political brushstrokes.

To succeed at Horizon 2020, you need a good road map– not just for the fundamentals of applying for grants, but to the many policy and political nuances you need to know. This unofficial insider’s guide provides expert funding tips that will help increase your odds of success. Among the essential-to-know topics we cover are:

  • Overview of key statistics for Horizon 2020: the latest from the Commission
  • Reading between the (budget) lines
  • Reading the tea leaves: the 2016-17 work programme
  • The SME instrument: tips & tricks for greater success
  • Reasons behind the initial low success rates
  • Decoding the call documents
  • The evaluation summary reports
  • Why impact criterion matter
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