US Health in your pocket: Can a mobile phone make healthcare more fair?

A Georgia Tech researcher explores how mobile devices can be used to close the gap in quality of healthcare between rich and poor

21 February 2017

US US National Academy of Medicine makes a pitch for value-based healthcare

In the thick of the row over the repeal of Obamacare and what is to follow, the US National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has set out its prospectus for reform of the US healthcare system

3 April 2017

US Which self-help websites actually improve health?

The internet teems with sites that promise to help people improve their health, but which really work?

3 April 2017

US New head of FDA sets out plan for regulating digital health devices

Greater certainty about what types of digital health technology will be regulated by FDA will foster innovation and help the agency to devote more resources to higher risk priorities, says Scott Gottlieb

18 June 2017