ACES 2014 publications
ACES 2013 publications

BASTION Roundtable conference programme
From lab to clinic: Best practices in translational medicine & innovation management.

Science|Business Network roundtable programme
Sharing best practices in spin-out formation.

Yearbook of the 2012 ACES and EIT Awards
ACES and EIT Awards Yearbook
The 2012 ACES and EIT Awards Yearbook, with detailed profiles of this year's winning companies, EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou's vision on innovative entrepreneurship and an introduction by Chairman of the EIT's Governing Board Alexander von Gabain.
ACES 2012 Finalists

Two awards programmes for start-up innovators came together on 21 February 2012 in Brussels: The first start-up awards offered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), and the fourth annual Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) offered by the Science|Business Innovation Board. Together, the two programmes bring together 21 young entrepreneurs from across Europe, to compete for seven awards.

*The ACES 2012 Conference Programme

*Brochure about the ACES 2012 Finalists

Yearbook of the 2011 Academic Enterprise Awards
Towards a more innovative Europe
This ACES 2011 yearbook celebrates the achievements of Europe's academic entrepreneurs, and charts Europe's progress in building a new culture of innovation on campus.
ACES 2010-11 Finalists

Academic entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Finland, the United Kingdom and Israel were recognised in the third annual ACES awards, held in Zurich on 3 February 2011 and awarded by the Science|Business Innovation Board.

The ACES 2011 Conference Programme

*Brochure about the ACES 2011 Finalists

Yearbook of the 2009 Academic Enterprise Awards
*Recognition for Europe's Innovators

The ACES awards are about the future: the young companies and budding academic entrepreneurs with the ideas that Europe will need if it is to compete in the 21st century. In 2009, the awards ceremony took place in the splendid surroundings of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, a reminder of the confidence that marked the end of the 19th century.

ACES 2009 Finalists

The ACES 2009 conference and awards gala took place on 10 December 2009 in the City Hall of Paris.

The ACES 2009 Conference Programme

*Brochure about the ACES 2009 Finalists

Yearbook of the 2008 Academic Enterprise Awards
*Towards a more innovative Europe

At its meeting at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm in December 2008, the Science|Business Innovation Board addressed specifically how innovation could help us recover from what is now being called "The Great Recession". This book summarises those recommendations, as well as a series of additional policy dialogues that took place at Karolinska at the same time, in a conference organised by Science|Business on entrepreneurship in academia.

ACES 2008 Finalists

The ACES 2008 conference and awards ceremony took place on 5 December 2008 at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

*Brochure about the ACES 2008 Finalists

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Europe must embrace disruptive innovation to produce global tech giants
Incremental innovation won’t do, experts say. At stake is leadership in life sciences, transportation, infrastructure and communications technologies
New analysis of tech clusters puts Europe in the shade
A ranking of the world’s clusters on the basis of patent filings puts Tokyo-Yokohama in Japan first by a large margin. The top-ranked in Europe is Paris in 10th place
EIT revives plans to build manufacturing cluster
If EU Commission gives the green light, the project, put on hold by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology last year, will start in January 2018
EIT opens contest for new food and manufacturing clusters
Industry, universities and research institutes invited to submit proposals by the summer
Ten steps to success in tech transfer: the case of KU Leuven
A new Science|Business report analyses the principles and strategies that lie at the heart of one of the world’s most productive tech transfer offices, Leuven Research and Development
2015 ACES finalists announced
Four spin-outs from Norway, Sweden and France will go through to final awards competition in Barcelona on 20 November 2015
Licensing and patents are an untapped source of cash for young companies
Selling ‘knowledge assets’ can help fund growth and lend start-ups credibility with investors. As China educates a new generation of innovators about intellectual property, Europe needs to raise its game.
ACES winner dials up literacy rates in Africa
A low-cost text message programme to help young people improve their English language skills won the Science|Business inaugural Global Innovation Award earlier this month. Its founder, Elvis Austins, spells out how he got here and what comes next
ACES Life Sciences winner InSphero adds a new dimension to toxicity testing of drugs
InSphero’s breakthrough in generating 3D cell models of human organs at scale for use in toxicity screens attracted potential customers to invest in proving the technology. Now all the top ten pharma companies are users
What are universities in Europe doing to teach entrepreneurship?
Educators from four countries shared some stories of how methods for nurturing entrepreneurs are changing, at the Science|Business Innovation Connection Summit
ACES winner akvolution has new, energy-efficient way of preparing water for desalination
Akvolution’s technology combines two different pre-treatment processes in one, cutting the cost of desalination by 25%
Oxford University start-up poised for EU approval of trailblazing medical software
There’s a five hour window to reduce the effects of a stroke by removing the blood clot that caused it. ACES winner Brainomix has automated the assessment of brain scans, increasing confidence in diagnosis and informing treatment decisions
Growth capital gap stunts Europe’s innovation potential
Venture capital investment in EU start-ups is less than one-quarter of US level. Policy shift could help spur more innovation by allowing pension and insurance funds to channel a small fraction of their assets to venture funds
Spelling initiative wins inaugural Global Innovation Award
BERLIN – 7 October 2014. Elvis Austins, founder of Nigerian sustainable development initiative SpellAfrica, had his progress in helping Africa’s young...
ACES entrepreneurship prizes reward companies working in health and environment
BERLIN – 7 October 2014. Spin-outs from Germany, Switzerland and the UK won the ACES awards for academic entrepreneurship in Europe....
Proof of Concept grant winners showcase their ideas
Winners of European Research Council Proof-of-Concept grants pitched their innovative ideas to investors and stakeholders at a Science|Business Innovation Board event last week.
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