Date: 04 March 2014
Venue: European Parliament, Brussels
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Entrepreneurship skills and training for SMEs – where does IP fit? 

Europe’s talented entrepreneurs are the key to driving economic growth. At a private dinner organised by Science|Business and the Ideas Matter consortium in the European Parliament, attendees will discuss the role and value of intellectual property training and management for entrepreneurs and SMEs to prosper. As part of the discussion, Science|Business will preview original research on the value of IP for European entrepreneurs, and three successful entrepreneurs will share their personal stories.  


Dinner Agenda

19:00- Start 
Welcome: Maria Da Graça Carvalho, Member, European Parliament 
Presentation of survey: 
• Richard L. Hudson, CEO and Editor of Science|Business 
• Thomas Tindemans, Managing Director, Ideas Matter
Personal accounts of three entrepreneurs : 
• Daniela Couto, Co-Founder, Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer, Cell2B
• Quentin Pankhurst, Founder and CTO, Endomagnetics Ltd
• Alexander Wulff, CMO and Co-Founder, ABEO
Open discussion
21:30- Dinner ends

Thomas Tindemans
Managing Director, Ideas Matter
Mário Campolargo
Director, Net Future, DG CNECT, European Commission
Maria da Graça Carvalho
Member, European Parliament
Vicky Ford
Member, European Parliament
Danuta Hübner
Member, European Parliament
Salvador Sedó i Alabart
Member, European Parliament
European Parliament