Date: 03 March 2014
Venue: Brussels
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Particle accelerators, biobanks, telescopes, scientific databases - these are among the "big science" research infrastructure projects that have become an essential feature of the research world. Their scientific value is obvious. But their economic value can also be great: The World Wide Web was born at CERN. Can we quantify this kind of broader, indirect economic or social benefit? 

This dinner debate is to gather evidence and views on potential spin-offs from major research infrastructure projects across Europe. The objective: To suggest ways that science policy makers can leverage their investments in these big facilities. 

Sergio Bertolucci
Director for Research and Computing, CERN
Monica Marinucci
Director for the Research Industry, Oracle
Keith Sequeira
Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn
Hannu Seristö
Vice President, Aalto University
John Womersley
John Womersley, Chair, ESFRI; CEO, UK Science and Technology Facilities Council
John Wood
EU Co-Chair of the Research Data Alliance; Secretary-General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

This is a by-invitation only event. For more information, please contact us at