Playing the Brexit cards: Strategies for universities and companies

A Science|Business Network Working Group.

How will Brexit affect R&D strategies – for companies, universities and Europe overall?

Universities, companies and other stakeholders are anxious about the potential impact of Brexit on EU Research and Innovation programmes, and on the quality and effectiveness of these programmes. Whatever else it is, Brexit is wrapped in a miasma of uncertainty which is very unlikely to be fully dispelled by the Article 50 negotiations. A new consultation group of the Science|Business Network will share intelligence, and recommend action.


More details to come. For further information, please contact
More details to come. For further information, please contact

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Featured Guests

Malcolm Harbour

Former Chair, European Parliament’s Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Luc Soete

Chair, EU’s Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts committee; former Rector Magnificus, University of Maastricht

John Wyles

Director, Science|Business