Health transformations: How smarter use of data can improve health and wellbeing – and stimulate the economy

Health systems in many countries are trying to improve their use of patient data – gathering it, analysing it, and identifying care pathways that lead to the best outcomes for patients. The primary goal: making the health systems more effective and efficient. But at the same time, the technology and entrepreneurship this task requires has also stimulated rapid development of new companies, innovative health services, and vibrant innovation clusters. Finland, with its Health Capital Helsinki initiative, is an especially powerful example of that – but there are others throughout the EU.

At this conference, gathering senior policy makers, researchers and executives across the EU, we will examine the challenges and opportunities of better use of health data.

May 22

18:30-21:00  VIP dinner, by invitation only

May 23:

Conference proceedings

Webcast live from Aalto University in downtown Helsinki. Capacity 140.

9:30 Opening addresses:

  • Xavier Prats Monné, Director General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

10:15 Why e-health data?

  • Panel discussion on the benefits – to patients, entrepreneurs and society – of making better use of health data  

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Case studies in building health ecosystems

  • Health data can spark the growth of dynamic innovation clusters. Here are some examples.

- The Helsinki case

- The European experience – Case studies from Estonia and UK

13:00 Lunch

14:00 The health data challenge

  • The biggest benefits will come from making better use of data on patient outcomes – what systems and treatments work best. A discussion of the challenges and opportunities. 

15:00 The way ahead: How to make better use of data – for health and prosperity  

16:00 Reception/Ends

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Featured Guests

Pirkko Mattila

Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

Xavier Prats Monné

Director General, DG SANTE, European Commission

Tuula Teeri

President, Aalto University

Corinne Le Goff

Senior Vice President, Amgen

Hannu Seristö

Vice President, External Relations, Aalto University

Tuula Palmén

Head, Health Capital Helsinki

Jani Ahonala

CEO, Noona

Ian Forde

Policy Analyst, Health Systems Quality and Outcomes, OECD