Defence R&D: On the rise in the EU


As the European Commission just confirmed that a €90 million pilot programme of military research will get under way next year, a number of questions arise: What are the rules for participation, what are the funding criteria? What is the mission of the European Defense Agency? With this new programme, should the Commission keep security and defense as two separate tracks or should it be combined under the next EU R&I framework programme?






Featured Guests

Denis Roger

Director for European Synergies and Innovation, European Defence Agency

Massimo Baldinato

Head of International Institutional Affairs, Finmeccanica

Ana Gomes

Member, European Parliament

Tim Lawrenson

Director General, Europe, BAE Systems

David Luengo Riesco

Director, Indra

Frédéric Mauro

Lawyer at the bar of Paris and Brussels, established in Brussels

Rudy Priem

Director, Security - Defense - Space, Government Relations, Europe, United Technologies

Renzo Tomellini

Head of Unit, Horizon 2020 Policy, DG RTD, European Commission