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Pages: 64
The Knowledge Future: Intelligent policy choices for Europe 2050

This report elaborates on challenges and opportunities that three "Megatrends" - globalization, demographic change and technological change - represent for Europe’s research, innovation and higher education system, and suggests a number of ideas that could find a place in EU policy for Research and Innovation.

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Report by an expert group on Foresight on Key Long-term Transformations of European systems: Research, Innovation and Higher Education (KT2050)

Chair: Richard Hudson;
Participants:  Kristian Borch; Stephanie Daimer; David Charles De Roure; Kurt Deketelaere; Apostolos Dimitropoulos (Rapporteur); Ulrike Felt; Aldo Geuna; Jerome Glenn; Krzysztof Gulda; Jana Kolar; Jordi Molas Gallart; Rajneesh Narula; Gill Ringland; Petra Schaper-Rinkel; John Smith; Anna Tschaut; Marijk van der Wende