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KU Leuven researchers to work on ESA's PLATO telescope
ESA gives the green light to build PLATO space telescope
With an eye on future funding, Square Kilometre Array makes fresh pitch in Europe
SKA South Africa project director Rob Adam goes on European roadshow to maintain interest in telescope still some years from being...
Square Kilometre Array prepares for the ultimate big data challenge
The world’s most powerful radio telescope will collect more information each day than the entire internet. Major advances in computing are...
Chalmers: Alma telescope discovering the unexpected
Astronomers have discovered a totally unexpected spiral structure in space. The strange shape, discovered in gas and dust surrounding the red...
Chalmers will upgrade giant telescope Alma with new technology
Before its construction is even completed, the new telescope Alma is embarking on an upgrade – with state-of-the-art technology from Chalmers....
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