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Aalto-2 satellite launched into space
The launch from Cape Canaveral was successful and Aalto-2 is on its way towards the International Space Station.
Europe’s Galileo satnav hit by multiple clock failures
Fresh blow for project as EU Space Agency reveals unexplained problems on-board some of the 18 Galileo satellites
And finally: after much delay, the EU’s independent satnav Galileo goes live
The Commission claims the service is the most accurate satellite navigation system in the world, with real-time positioning down to a...
EU urges start-ups to spin space data into apps
European Commission’s new space policy encourages companies to take commercial advantage of the huge earth image datasets generated by the Sentinel...
Square Kilometre Array prepares for the ultimate big data challenge
The world’s most powerful radio telescope will collect more information each day than the entire internet. Major advances in computing are...
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