Smart grid
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Reactive Technologies claims world first in smart grids
UK company demonstrates nationwide transmission of data via the electricity grid. The technology will provide a new means of managing smart...
Smart grids can deliver green energy, but financing and policy framework still unclear
Over the next six years Europe must invest €60 billion in technology overhaul for new electricity networks – and customers likely...
ACES winner GridON receives £4M from Energy Technologies Institute to develop and test Fault Current Limiter
The Fault Current Limiter (FCL), developed by GridON, winner of the 2011 ACES Smart Grid Award, has been selected by the...
Investment in smart electricity meters to reach €3B per annum
As installation ramps up, smart meter penetration in Europe will reach 52% by 2016, says a new analysis
ACES profile: GridOn technology will help keep the lights on
The winner of the GE Smart Grid Award in the Science|Business Academic Enterprise Awards – presented at ETH Zurich in February...
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