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Regional cluster wants to upgrade Romanian IT sector
Efforts to boost e-government and smart city solutions in Romania need more strategic thinking, Stelian Brad, president of Cluj IT Cluster...
Exploring new ways of defending coastal cities
Project backed by European Research Council aims to develop new science and techniques to holistically evaluate earthquake and tsunami risks
Innovate now to prepare our cities for the future
With resources and services stretched to their limits, future cities must be smarter. Cambridge professors Doug Crawford-Brown, Robert Mair and Koen...
King's and Warwick establish centre for urban science and progress in London
King’s College London, the University of Warwick and New York University (NYU), have signed an agreement to establish a London Centre...
New partnerships for ‘low carbon cities’ in the UK and China
Researchers from UK and Chinese universities, including the University of Cambridge, are collaborating on four new projects to work towards achieving...
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