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Nobel laureate Paul Nurse joins top EU science panel
UK representation restored to EU Scientific Advice Mechanism
CO2 emissions test is a clear step forward say EU science advisors
The Scientific Advice Mechanism team has delivered its first report, concluding a new way of assessing vehicle exhaust gases will reduce...
The chaos of scientific advice: Why it’s so hard for politicians to ‘get’ science
Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy tells Science|Busines how to get scientific evidence across to a broader public
Scientists and politicians: we need to learn how to talk to each other
Scientific advisers and policymakers meet en masse in Brussels to discuss how to close the gap between how they think and...
In a post-factual world politicians have never been more in need of science advice
New Zealand's chief science adviser Peter Gluckman says the demand for expert advice keeps on growing, despite an apparent dismissal of...
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