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As robots begin to take the wheel in Europe, few are prepared
Technical progress means self-driving cars are zooming ahead, giving Europe’s city planners and lawmakers a massive headache
EU is not ready for the rise of the robots, data suggest
More and more jobs are threatened by advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. As the graphs below illustrate, Europe is not...
Robots are coming, but not for your job, says EU digital chief
“I do not believe in the mass unemployment scenario,” Andrus Ansip tells industry heads
Haunted by a future work shortage, Europe grapples with robots laws
In Brussels, France and Finland, the challenge automation poses for employment is starting to be taken seriously. But MEPs have rejected...
Bristol: Robots could help solve the problem of autonomous refuelling
Robots will be used to help solve the problem of autonomous engagement for in-flight refuelling. This new research could pave the...
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