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Memo to research funders: If you want open science, try harder
Kamila Markram, head of open science platform Frontiers, argues research funders must do much more to speed openness in science
The open science cloud needs more data experts
The European Commission plans to launch its open science cloud by 2020, but calls on universities to train more data scientists...
Leading European supercomputing centres join forces in procurement process for innovative HPC systems
This coordinated approach will lead to more supercomputing resources that can be efficiently exploited for science and engineering applications in Europe...
Opinion: Scientists need help getting a grip on the data deluge
More training to help scientists tunnel through data mountains is badly needed, says Tony Hey, an e-science pioneer. Hey spoke at...
A ‘coalition of doers’ called on to build complex EU science cloud
The EU set out the groundwork for a hugely ambitious plan to interconnect Europe’s science outputs. Now the squabbling over how...
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