Nanotechnology Archive
Aalto researchers create anticancer nanomaterials by simulating underwater volcanic conditions
The novel method enables making nanoclusters of zinc peroxide in an environmentally friendly manner.
Canatu Oy, a spring-off from Aalto University, was granted €22 million in funding
Canatu Oy manufactures flexible and formable carbon nanomaterial films and touch sensors targeted for touch displays.
Two Belgian research centres to merge with €1.5M new government money
Imec and iMinds are to join forces under the Imec name to create a single centre for digital and nanotechnology research...
KU Leuven inaugurates chemistry and nanotech research facilities
On 28 October, KU Leuven inaugurated two brand new research facilities: Leuven Chem&Tech and Leuven NanoCentre.
Chalmers scientists study nanoparticles one by one
Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology have developed a new way to study nanoparticles one at a time, and have discovered...
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