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ESOF 2018: Call for scientific session proposals is open
Stakeholders in the science community are invited to submit proposals for the scientific sessions at the upcoming 2018 edition of the...
Breakthrough in ‘wonder’ materials at Warwick paves way for flexible tech
Electronic devices set to become smaller, flexible and highly efficient – following University of Warwick research on 2D materials
With decision-time pending, opinions vary on whether to embed military R&D in FP9
As the EU new defence programme starts to take shape, the question of how it relates to civil R&D is up...
Commissioner: I would join the march for science
EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas praises scientists for finding their voice. At a time when facts are ignored and experts denigrated,...
New rector and leading team at the University of Pisa
Professor of Computer Science, Paolo Mancarella is the new rector of the University of Pisa until 2022.
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