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Licensing Opportunity: Novel architecture for high-power mode-locked thin-disk lasers avoiding present energy limitations
ETH researchers propose a novel laser design can be used in precision laser machining as well as academic tabletop experiments.
Aalto researcher: the proximity of manufacturing increases the rate of R&D efficiencies
The centralised operations model keeps most of the product’s added value in Finland. Usually, the price is the decisive factor when...
KTH climbs overall in QS engineering and tech rankings
KTH continues to rise in the global subject ranking of engineering and technology.
Finland gets ready for SciFest 2017
SciFest is the prime Finnish festival that celebrates science, technology and the environment together with children and young people.
ETH researchers develop energy-efficient ceramic material
ETH material scientists have developed a new method of manufacturing ceramics that does not require the starting materials to be fired....
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