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KU Leuven researchers to work on ESA's PLATO telescope
ESA gives the green light to build PLATO space telescope
Call for looser rules in Horizon 2020
Researchers tell MEPs that audit culture, reimbursement system, and evaluation criteria for eastern countries should be reformed
New project to map Europe’s scientific research infrastructures
A comprehensive database of 900 European research infrastructures will allow scientists to access resources, services and facilities of which they may...
With an eye on future funding, Square Kilometre Array makes fresh pitch in Europe
SKA South Africa project director Rob Adam goes on European roadshow to maintain interest in telescope still some years from being...
Ku Leuven spin-off Fluent.ai software learns to understand meaning of audible speech
Fluent.ai’s speech interface solution works in most languages and accents, allowing users to use their natural speech. Fluent.ai’s patented approach sidesteps...
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