Galileo Archive
Europe’s Galileo satnav hit by multiple clock failures
Fresh blow for project as EU Space Agency reveals unexplained problems on-board some of the 18 Galileo satellites
And finally: after much delay, the EU’s independent satnav Galileo goes live
The Commission claims the service is the most accurate satellite navigation system in the world, with real-time positioning down to a...
Two more Galileo satellites ready to launch
Europe’s sat-nav project picks up pace, with the third and fourth launches of the year
€7 billion budget for Galileo navigation system
MEPs give green light to European GPS
€75K prize for best idea that improves business or government efficiencies by means of satellite navigation
In line with the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC), NAVTEQ® – the leading global provider of maps, traffic, and location data...
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