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EU move into military R&D divides Germany
Researchers are split over whether to go after new EU research funds
Call for scientists to oppose EU defence R&D money
Europe’s researchers should take a principled stand against the new military R&D programme. The EU was created to preserve peace; it...
Commission confirms the aim of new EU military R&D programme is to develop home-grown weapons
Research will support the modernisation and independence of Europe’s arms manufacturers, but the sensitive nature of the work means there will...
We are not prepared to defend against the next big cyberattack in Europe
Lessons were not sufficiently drawn from the heavy hit on Estonia’s internet back in 2007, says EU cyber watchdog Udo Helmbrecht....
European Defence Agency gives first details of military research pilot
As the EU lays the ground for its first foray into defence research, Denis Roger, Director of European synergies and innovation...
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