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European Innovation Council needs leading innovators and a sense of urgency

Former chair of the US House of Representatives science committee Bart Gordon shares lessons he learned from setting up the innovation funding body ARPA-E, to promote advanced energy projects

Call for scientists to oppose EU defence R&D money

Europe’s researchers should take a principled stand against the new military R&D programme. The EU was created to preserve peace; it will not be peaceful anymore, says Dave Webb, of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Formula for a breakthrough: hard work and long-term stable funding

As the European Research Council turns 10, grantee Ben Feringa, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, gives Science|Business his recipe for success. The secret ingredient? Funding for the long haul in the lab

‘Know-Nothing’ Trump cuts science funding – and opens a door for Europe

Budget cuts proposed in Washington ignore what we know about the value of science. To support science everywhere, join us April 22 on the streets, at Science March Brussels

Alaska is a case study on the perils of ignoring global warming

Climate change is happening, as Alaska vividly demonstrates. Now is time to prepare, says US ecologist Richard Boone, offering the Netherlands as one role model

Horizon 2020 is a success and the evidence is there to prove it

Greg Arrowsmith of the Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres, responds to clean tech entrepreneur Michael Liebreich’s contention that Horizon 2020 is having little impact. You need to look in the right places, he says

EU should step up research in Antarctica

A treasure trove of scientific opportunities, the frozen continent faces threats from climate change and a possible race for resources. Time to consider creating a European Antarctic Agency to advance research and protect the environment, says European External Action Service expert Didier Schmitt

With decision-time pending, opinions vary on whether to embed military R&D in FP9

As the EU new defence programme starts to take shape, the question of how it relates to civil R&D is up in the air. But European subsidiaries of US or Chinese companies are likely to be allowed take part

The chaos of scientific advice: Why it’s so hard for politicians to ‘get’ science

Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy tells Science|Busines how to get scientific evidence across to a broader public

EU must do more to boost private investment and deliver on green cities vision

The EU’s Green Capital programme aims to bring back nature and make our cities sustainable. But green projects cost money. The EU needs to articulate the vision and improve incentives to attract private investment

Innovate now to prepare our cities for the future

With resources and services stretched to their limits, future cities must be smarter. Cambridge professors Doug Crawford-Brown, Robert Mair and Koen Steemers describe the innovations in technology and governance needed to keep the megacity functional

We are close to breaking the carbon budget, but there are some reasons for optimism

Humans cannot release much more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere without triggering catastrophic climate change. This makes the argument for funding research into new renewable technologies more persuasive than ever, says Richard Templer

How European research and innovation can help to address climate change

As climate talks convene in Paris, research stands ready to make a greater contribution to addressing this challenge, says Luke Georghiou. However, it must be properly integrated into a broader approach, he tells the Science|Business Annual Summit in Barcelona

Distance no object: creating an edgy research agenda will get you noticed

At two hours from Lisbon by plane, Madeira is looked upon as something of an innovation backwater. We’re gathering a team of researchers that will challenge the perception, says Nuno Nunes, a researcher with a penchant for subversive and surprising technology

Smart specialisation: how a harsh climate inspired a tech boom

Cold air and abundant renewable energy are the ingredients for greener data centres, says Matz Engman, who helped entice internet giant Facebook to set up shop in the remote north of Sweden

VIDEO: Technology can help tackle Europe’s energy challenge

But in a time of dwindling resources in Europe and beyond, new energy technologies and processes must have efficiency as their watchword, says David Eyton, group head of technology at BP

Video: Get the incentives right or inventions will sit idle in the lab

Breakthroughs in renewable energy don’t come from Eureka moments in the laboratory, but from long term effort and investment to push nascent technologies to the point of cost efficiency, says Carlos Härtel, GE’s head of R&D in Europe

VIDEO: EU emissions trading system must be extended and strengthened

Europe’s carbon market is not dead in the water, but rather a work in progress, says Andreas Loeschel, who advises Chancellor Angela Merkel on overhauling Germany’s energy mix

VIDEO: Don’t hand over the grant money and run

Disbursing cash for research is one thing, but making a real difference lies in preparing new technologies for market, says Cheryl Martin, Director of the US energy research agency ARPA-E

VIDEO: Europe should set higher targets for renewable energy

A move to renewable sources of power needs to be top of the agenda. The Commission’s new €315B Fund for Strategic Investment could help with this, says Martina Werner, MEP

Video: US-China climate deal a great opportunity for Europe

Two giant economies are going to come to Europe’s door to buy green technologies, said Jeppe Kofod, MEP

Climate change initiatives must be more measureable

You do not manage well what you do not measure well. Sticking to this basic principle is particularly important when it comes to dealing with the daunting challenges posed by climate change, says Daniel Zimmer, Director of Innovation, at the Climate-KIC

VIDEO: Time to take a positive approach to reducing CO2 emissions

There’s no point in trying to scare people into action on climate change: rather it needs be framed as an opportunity, says Kathleen Van Brempt, MEP

Growth and sustainability: an environmentally sound future for the energy sector

Taking a practical approach to affordable, secure and sustainable energy production can help boost economic development while cutting CO2 emissions, says Andrew Haslett

Carry on making the case for renewables

Renewable energy is the basis of the third industrial revolution, not an expensive luxury we can’t afford in hard times

Anglo-German cooperation is needed to deliver on offshore wind energy plans

A new partnership must be forged to ensure that resources are developed as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible

Let wind keep the lights on

Europe’s huge €194 billion investment in wind power over the past decade is starting to deliver a serious chunk of electricity. Now the industry needs consistency, says Christian Kjaer of the European Wind Energy Association

The EU should focus more on next-generation biofuels

Biofuels are an important element the EU’s future energy mix, but more research is needed to develop fuels that don’t compete with food, says Csaba Tabajdi MEP

Europe has a global opportunity in cleantech

Joerg Sperling, Partner at the European cleantech investment fund WHEB Partners and president of the Tech Tour Cleantech Summit 2011, gives his perspective on prospects for the sector for 2011

Green building will drive innovation and create new industries

The Gulf countries have a unique opportunity to become the world’s centre of eco-innovation, says Sami Mahroum.

Green IT could be a model for us all

The world’s computers may be throwing out heat when active, consuming electricity on stand-by, and polluting the environment when dumped, but now the industry is on a mission.

The truth just got more inconvenient

The bad news is the world is warming faster than forecast. The good: the US is now ready to engage and Clean Tech is top of the agenda, writes Nuala Moran.

Biofuels need research, too

Biofuels’ fall from grace must not be allowed to undermine research into sustainable, climate-friendly, second-generation biofuels.

Balance and biofuels

One moment environmental poster child, the next grim reaper. It’s time to draw breath and plan for the appropriate, sustainable use of biofuels, says Science|Business’s Nuala Moran.

Go global on warming

An international agency should be set up to coordinate moves to combat global warming, says John Browne, former chief executive of oil giant BP.

Nuclear power: you can’t make it lovable

There is a duty to inform the public about nuclear power. But don’t expect that will make them love it.

Finding the energy for research

Everybody wants more energy research – so why isn’t it coming fast enough?

Bill Clinton: Biotechnology is critical to the future of the planet

Biotechnology is critical to the survival of the planet, President Bill Clinton told members of the industry from around the world who gathered at BIO 2006 in Chicago earlier this month.

Nostradamus strikes back

Forget stem cells, pharmacogenomics and the next big cure - Michael Kenward gazes into his prophecy book to see what the physical sciences have in store for us this year. Or maybe not.