Membership: Overview
Networking and events

Meet with universities and research centres, corporate executives, international investors, top European policy makers as well as regional and national organisations dedicated to stimulate innovation.

Science|Business hosts a series of roundtable discussions, networking events and policy forums – in Brussels, London, Paris, Stockholm and wherever key technology professionals congregate.

Member benefits:

  • Participate free of charge in all Science|Business network events (up to 2 representatives per member)
  • Appoint a speaker in at least one network event
Online visibility

Our news service provides the most-sophisticated coverage available of EU-wide innovation policy across disciplines, industries and borders. The Science|Business news portal and weekly bulletin offer a dedicated platform to communicate directly to EU officials, leading investors, academics, researchers, VCs and CEOs.

Member benefits:

  • Logo visibility on all network related materials
  • Publication under the "SB network" section of ad hoc interviews, stories and press releases from network members (subject to editorial approval)
  • Disseminate the results of your EU-funded projects
  • 4 online banner advertising weeks per year
  • Dedicated "Network Partner" page on Science|Business website
Thematic projects and consultation groups

Network members are invited to shape upcoming events and projects. This can involve conducting academic research to be presented at a policy roundtable or taking part in expert groups and foresight exercises.

Member benefits:

  • Join projects as exclusive “research partner” on a timely innovation topic
  • Appoint a researcher to participate in expert groups to identify top R&D challenges for Europe
The Science|Business Annual Summit and the Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES)

The Science|Business Annual Summit brings together leaders from research, industry and policy to debate current and future trends needed to unleash Europe’s technological potential. The Summit also recognises excellence in innovation by celebrating the achievements of visionaries (entrepreneurs, universities, companies, government entities) as featured in the Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES).

Member benefits:

Previous editions were held in:

Barcelona, November 2015
Berlin, October 2014
Brussels, June 2013
Brussels, February 2012
Zurich, February 2011
Paris, December 2009
Stockholm, December 2008

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Policymakers say...
“Science|Business brings a modern approach towards innovation.”
Jerzy Buzek, Member and former President of the European Parliament; Chair of the ITRE Committee
“Science|Business has this ability to raise issues that relate to true challenges in the marketplace.”
Atle Leikvoll, Norwegian Ambassador to the EU