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Client since 2006

Most recent project: Small companies, big ideas: How intellectual property helps SMEs grow

Project objective: To examine the role and value of intellectual property training and management for SMEs and how it can help them to prosper in Europe.

Science|Business project delivery: Roundtable policy discussion in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Maria da Graca Carvalho (Brussels, March 4th 2014) / Survey – ‘The role of IP in Europe’s Technology Start-ups’ / Print report of the survey and event: Entrepreneurship skills and training for SMEs – where does IP fit?

Client since 2007

Most recent project: GE + Saudi Aramco ecomagination challenge: Renewable energy solutions for seawater desalination – June 2014

Project objective: To promote the challenge internationally to help secure applications.

Science|Business project delivery: 2 thought leadership articles (1 and 2) about the technological challenges and opportunities of desalination / homepage box on promoting the content / lead generation to search out desalination projects at European universities.

Client since 2009

Most recent project: Next Generation Stem Cell Therapies

Project objective: To examine what challenges exist for the EU to maintain its lead in the field of stem cell research.

Science|Business project delivery: Policy Roundtable (Brussels, October 18th 2012) Next Generation Stem Cell Therapies / Project report circulated to key policymakers.

Client since 2010

Most recent project: The renewable power dilemma – making electricity grids fit for wind and solar power

Project objective: To investigate the technology options and the policy challenges to enable electricity systems to safely integrate rising volumes of intermittent renewable power generation such as wind and solar.

Science|Business project delivery: Academic Policy Smposium (Berlin, March 18th 2014) The Renewable Power Dilemma

Client since 2011

Most recent project: Health for all, care for you

Project objective: To analyse the cost benefits of personalised medicine

Science|Business project delivery: Personalised Health Care: From Theory to Practice conference (London, January 19th 2012)/Report: Health for All, Care for You. Unlocking the value of Personalised Healthcare in Europe

Client since 2011

Most recent project: Strategic communications advice, stakeholder mapping

Project objective: To help the EIT, a new EU institution, reach and engage its stakeholders more effectively

Science|Business project delivery: Stakeholder interviews, international benchmarking, 2 EIT staff workshops, report of recommendations, EIT Governing Board presentation

Client since 2013

Most recent project: ‘Big science:’ What’s it really worth?

Project objective: To suggest ways that science policy makers can leverage their investments in big scientific facilities.

Science|Business project delivery: Panel discussion (Brussels, March 3rd 2014): Is Big Science worth it? & dinnerdebate: How to get more value from Research Infrastructure

Client since 2013

Most recent project: New technologies from the European Research Council

Project objective: Proof of Concept grantees trained to effectively communicate their business ideas

Science|Business project delivery: New technologies from the European Research Council event (Brussels, July 4th 2014)

Client since 2014

Most recent project: 5G@Europe Summit (Munich, February 5th 2014)

Project objective: To bring together high-level experts in 5G to discuss potential benefits and technical challenges of the new generation of mobile networks.

Science|Business project delivery: To provide content and communications advice to help shape the Summit, organise the livestreaming of the conference and promote it to the EU innovation community