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Aalto University

Aalto University was established in January 2010 as merger of three leading Finnish higher education institutes. The six schools are all leading and renowned institutions in their respective fields. Aalto University is an international university where science and art meet technology, business and design.

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Aalto University strives to change the world through top-quality interdisciplinary research, pioneering education, surpassing traditional boundaries, and renewal.

Aalto University educates responsible, broadminded experts with a comprehensive understanding of complex subjects to act as society's visionaries.

The Aalto University consists of School of Art and Design as well as of School of Economics, and of the four Schools of Science and Technology: School of Chemical Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, and School of Science.

The Aalto University’s key research areas are identified as Computation and modeling, Materials research, Design and ICT and media.

The Aalto University is a foundation-based university. Aalto University is engaged in collaborative research projects with leading international research institutes and businesses. The Aalto University alumni are currently a network of over 75,000 individuals in Finland and around the world. In 2010, the Aalto University had 19 516 student studying in its three schools. The Aalto University’s mission is to be amongst the top universities in the world in its core research areas by 2020.

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