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The Advantages

You're interested in our reports and events, and your organisation is a member of the Science|Business Partner Network?

Great! This means you can benefit from our exclusive membership advantages:

  • Free access to our exclusive research reports on the European innovation community and policy
  • Free passes to Science|Business Events and Policy Bridges as available
  • Full access to thousands of articles, business leads, and press releases in the Science|Business knowledge archives beyond the 90 day free viewing limit

Check out our membership pages for a full overview of the advantages your organisation is benefitting from.

How to benefit

Reports & News

  You already have an account and/or receive the Bulletin

If you already receive the Science|Business bulletin, or have an account on the Science|Business website, please contact us at, so we can link your account to your organisation. This will provide you with instant access to our reports and news archive.

  You don't have an account or receive the Bulletin

Please create an account by registering for the Science|Business Bulletin by clicking on "Receive Bulletin" in the top menu of our website.

  • If your organisation has provided Science|Business with its computer network's IP address, our website will automatically detect your membership, and you will have instant access to our reports and news archive.
  • If your organisation has not yet provided Science|Business with the necessary technical details, we can link your account to your organisation manually. Please send us an e-mail at if this is the case. We would also encourage you to contact either your librarian or IT department and ask them to get in touch with us at so we can set up automatic membership detection.


If you would like to attend one of our events, please contact us at and mention that your organisation is a member. We will take care of your registration, availability provided.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call our Brussels office on +32 2304 7577.