Partner Network: The Science|Business Board
Innovative regions: How can the EU support regional growth?
A high-level conference with Johannes Hahn, EU Regional Policy Commissioner
Can EU = Entrepreneurship Union?
It's a fact: ambitious entrepreneurs have a harder time in Europe than in some other parts of the world - but things are changing. In this conference, we look at some new, EU-supported approaches to entrepreneurship.
Q&A on Eco-Innovation with Commissioner Potočnik
Watch the recording of the live Q&A with Commissioner Potočnik and Innovation Board Members about the EU's Eco-Innovation Action Plan
* Helping Europe Innovate
Science|Business Innovation Board AISBL Annual Report 2013-2014
* 5 Steps to Smarter Specialisation
A briefing note on innovation investments to be made under the European Commission’s new cohesion policy
* Europe's champion innovators
ACES Yearbook 2013
*Helping Europe Innovate
The 2012-2013 Annual Report of the Science|Business innovation board
*A Grace Period for Patents
Could it help European universities innovate?
*Inside the mind of European academic entrepreneurs
Perceptions of ACES finalists about the process of science entrepreneurship

Innovation is vital to Europe’s future - and the Science|Business Board is a scientific association formed to improve the climate for innovation.

Its members are some of Europe’s leading innovators, in industry, academia and policy. They meet regularly with key EU and national officials to discuss important aspects of innovation policy. They commission policy research from leading academics. They support Europe’s best university spin-outs with annual prizes. And they speak and write regularly on the results of their work – all with the intent to broaden and deepen the policy debate in Europe over innovation. The Board is a source of new ideas, backed by deep personal experience, to sharpen Europe’s innovation agenda.

The Board, which began meeting in 2007, was founded by international business school INSEAD, ESADE Business School, and Science Business Publishing Ltd., with the support of Microsoft Corp. and BP PLC. Its membership has broadened to include Imperial College London, SKF and some key individual innovators.

Meet with senior EU officials

With the objective to improve the climate for innovation in Europe, the Board meets four times a year with senior EU officials to discuss current and future aspects of innovation policy.

Conduct influential research

The Board commissions original policy research from its university members. It also conducts policy studies as a group. It then meets privately with EU officials to discuss the research, and after relevant feedback publishes the results – in influential, forward-looking reports promoted in high-level conferences.

Support Europe's innovators

Annually since 2008, the Board has run the only pan-European awards programme for university spin-out companies. The Academic Enterprise, or ACES, awards give public recognition to those researchers, engineers, professors, students and government officials in Europe who have done the most to foster a culture of enterprise on campus. So far, 66 outstanding individuals or start-up teams in life sciences, ICT, materials and energy technologies have been recognised by the ACES awards programme.

High-profile events and publicity

The Board hosts a series of regular public roundtables and conferences across Europe to promote its members’ innovation capabilities and its independent policy research. Recent events took place in Brussels, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, and Stockholm. The Science|Business communications service promotes the events, and publicizes the Board’s conclusions – in such prominent media outlets as the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, El Pais, De Standaard and Le Figaro

Science|Business Board
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Prof. G. “Anand” Anandalingam
Imperial College London
Sergio Bertolucci
Director for Research and Computing, CERN
Jean-Philippe Courtois
President, Microsoft International
Pat Cox (Guest Member)
Former President of the European Parliament
Isabelle Thizon De Gaulle
Vice President, European Strategic Initiatives & Scientific Relations, Sanofi R&D
Alfons Sauquet
Global Dean of ESADE
Jacqueline Kay Swinburne
Member, European Parliament
Bernd Stephan
Senior Vice President, Group Technology Development, SKF
Tuula Teeri
President, Aalto University
John Wood (Guest Member)
Secretary-General, Association of Commonwealth Universities
Peter Zemsky
Interim Dean, INSEAD

The Innovation Board regularly invites distinguished guests to its private meetings. They have included:

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn
European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science
Janez Potočnik
EU Environment Commissioner
Esko Aho
President, SITRA and former Prime Minister of Finland
Jean-Noël Durvy
Director of Innovation Policy, European Commission
Peter Dröll
Head of Innovation Policy Development, DG Enterprise, European Commission
Marion Dewar
Member of Geoghegan-Quinn Cabinet for Innovation
Andy Wyckoff
Director, Directorate of Science & Technology, OECD
Patricia Kelly
Deputy Secretary, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Australia
Boni Mehlomakulu
Deputy Director-General, Science & Technology Directorate, Republic of South Africa
Georg Winckler
Rector, University of Vienna, former president, European University Association
Roch Doliveux
CEO and Chair, UCB SA
Marc de Garidel
Vice President, Amgen International
Helmut M. Schühsler
Managing Partner, TVM Capital
Denis Payre
CEO, Kiala (and co-founder, Business Objects)
Alexander von Gabain
Founder and CSO, Intercell AG
Joachim von Heimburg
Director, Corporate R&D EMEA, Procter & Gamble
Javier Pujol Artigas
CEO, Ficosa International
Albert Esteve
President, Esteve Quimica
Susan Searle
CEO, Imperial Innovations Group PLC
Harriett Wallberg-Henriksson
President, Karolinska Institutet
Georg Winckler
Rector, University of Vienna
Sir Richard Sykes
Rector, Imperial College London, and former CEO, GSK
Erna Möller
EIT Governing Board Member, Executive Director, Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation
Bruno Lanvin
Executive Director, INSEAD e-Lab
Hans Martens
CEO, The European Policy Centre
Xavier Mendoza
Deputy Director-General, ESADE Business School
Maria Nowak
President, ADIE
Prof. Pontus Braunerhjelm
KTH-Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Prof. Erkko Autio
Imperial College London
Prof. David Gann
Imperial College London
Prof. Jonathan Haskel
Imperial College London
Prof. Jonathan Wareham
Dean of Faculty and Research, ESADE Business School
Associate Prof. Filipe Santos
News & Views

The Board contributes to the EU innovation-policy debate by publishing influential reports and by contributing to the media.

Can EU = Entrepreneurship Union?
News article,
4 December 2012
Open Innovation trumps not invented here
News article,
18 October 2012
Long-term industry-university partnerships work best to drive innovation
News article,
18 June 2012
UK companies lead finalists for European spin-out awards
News article,
14 December 2011
Time for university reform – with market principles
Board Statement,
30 August 2011
La innovación como modelo de negocio
Board interviews, in ABC (Madrid)
10 October 2010
The EU's new innovation plan is vital
Board statement
6 October 2010
Invest in R&D now, panel urges Commission
Board meeting report
2 July 2010
Scientific knowledge as a public good and the role of public policy
Imperial College research for the Board
1 July 2010
Europe's academic innovators recognised in ACES awards
Board meeting report
11 December 2009
Time for a 'Bretton Woods' of innovation
Board statement
3 June 2009
Towards a more innovative Europe
Yearbook of the Academic Enterprise Awards.
1 June 2009
How to Drive Innovation in Europe
Board statement, in the Wall Street Journal Europe
12 February 2009
ACES winners announced
Board meeting report
3 December 2008
Finalists named in university spin-out awards
Board meeting report
12 November 2009
Europe: a piquant recipe for a Silicon Valley
Board statement, in the Financial Times
July 16 2008
Wake up and smell the competition, says Potocnik
Board meeting report
13 December 2007

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About Us

The Board is managed by Science|Business 79 Avenue des Nerviens, Bte 22 1040 Brussels, BE +322 304 7577

President: Richard L. Hudson
Secretary: Steven Maisel

The Science|Business Innovation Board is a Belgian association internationale scientifique sans but lucrative (AISBL), created by Belgian royal decree, No. 0822.108.553.