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2015 Events
Horizon 2020 – New Commission, new Agenda
The 2015 Science|Business Horizon 2020 Conference
Brussels - 24 March 2015
6th University Business Forum (Partner Event)
The Sixth UBForum provides a unique platform for stakeholders from academia and the business sector in Europe. Password: NPEC
Brussels - 05 March 2015
Energy Forecast Summit 2015 (Partner event)
Join the pan-European energy community for the 2015 edition of the Energy Forecast Summit on March 4 & 5, 2015 in Brussels.
Brussels - 04 March 2015
From open science to open innovation: How to get more jobs and growth from EU science investments
A Science|Business public conference
Brussels - 24 February 2015
The Food Innovation Summit (Partner event)
With a mix of keynote speeches, plenary sessions and workshops, the Food Innovation Summit is based on a tripartite approach and aims at treating disruptive innovations along with the food chain.
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels - 03 February 2015
Balancing the ‘Energy Economy’
The conference will gather leaders from the European academic, business and policy worlds to discuss what mechanisms can achieve real breakthroughs in resolving the energy trilemma
Brussels - 20 January 2015
2014 Events
The IP Summit 2014 (Partner Event)
The IP Summit 2014 will tackle, for the first time alongside Patents and Trademarks topics, Copyright issues. This 9th edition will indeed try to answer the last questions on the main actual IP issues.
Brussels - 04 December 2014
Aalto University Academic Summit (Partner Event)
The summit will focus on how universities contribute in creating knowledge societies thereby facilitating economic development, job creation and well-being.
Espoo, Finland - 18 November 2014
The EU Energy Challenge: Can innovation fill the gap?
The EU’s transition to a sustainable energy system is a top policy challenge of the coming decade. Though much progress has been achieved, the pace of change is too slow.
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 14 November 2014
iMinds The Conference 2014 (Partner Event)
iMinds The Conference is Brussels' #1 annual conference on digital innovation, targeted at researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, industry and policy decision-makers.
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 23 October 2014
Global University Venturing annual Summit (Partner Event)
Global University Venturing brings together university venturers and tech transfer offices from around the world to learn from each other and to meet venturers from corporates and governments.
The Crystal, London - 21 October 2014
The Innovation Connection - The 2014 Science|Business Summit
The 2014 Science|Business Summit will bring together leaders from research, industry and policy to debate current future trends needed to unleash Europe's technological potential.
Berlin - 07 October 2014
Foresight: Europe 2030
The purpose of this event is to draw on the expertise of a group of high-level participants about how Europe is evolving through 2030 – and how emerging trends will change society, business and technology in Europe.
Berlin - 06 October 2014
The Future of Europe is Science (Partner Event)
Bringing together actors from the world of science, industry and society, the two-day conference aims to take stock of European achievements in science over the past 10 years.
Lisbon - 06 October 2014
Universities, Businesses & Co.: Together we can (Partner Event)
Strategic inter-sectoral Partnerships for Economic and Social Change and Growth
Rome - 02 October 2014
RE.WORK Technology Summit (Partner event)
Explore emerging technologies shaping the future of business & society. The summit will showcase the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies and their impact on business & society.
London - 18 September 2014
New technologies from the European Research Council
Meet the ERC’s Proof of Concept grantees. A by-invitation event organised by the Science|Business Innovation Board.
European Research Council, Covent Garden, Place Charles Rogier 16, Brussels - 04 July 2014
Digital healthcare: from hospitals to the home
How Horizon 2020 can help deliver cost savings in healthcare
Sofitel Brussels Europe - 30 June 2014
Horizon 2020: The master class
A Q&A about how to succeed in Horizon 2020, with Robert-Jan Smits, Director General for Research and Innovation, European Commission
ESOF2014, Copenhagen, Valby Langgade 1, Carlsberg Museum, Glyptotek Hall - 26 June 2014
So you want to start a company?
A workshop on forming a university spin-out company. Jointly organised by Science|Business and ASTP Proton as part of the ESOF conference.
Copenhagen - 24 June 2014
ACES Selection Committee
The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) Selection Committee meets to short list the finalists of the 2014 awards.
Copenhagen - 23 June 2014
Big data, big deal: big problem?
How will we keep networks secure? What rules do we need? Who should set them – national or international bodies? This panel will give 4 short examples of the opportunities of Big Data in research, and debate the rules that should govern them.
ESOF2014, Carlsberg Group HQ, Ny Carlsberg Vej 100, 1799 Copenhagen, Malting Hall - 23 June 2014
Europe’s healthcare biotech ‘stars’: How can we nurture them?
Confessions from the front lines
Stanhope Hotel, Brussels - 10 June 2014
Research Commercialisation: From Ideas to IPO (Partner Event)
Research Commercialisation is a new cross-discipline event and will provide a platform for all those involved in promoting university-industry-investor collaboration, technology transfer and start-ups.
London, UK - 19 May 2014
Pharma Day (Partner Event)
A high-level meeting, on the means for facilitating the transition from scientific discovery to clinical applications in oncology.
Warszaw, Poland - 25 April 2014
"A TASTE OF MOLECULES: In Search of the Secrets of Flavour" (Partner Event)
Book Launch & Tasting
Brussels Press Club Europe, Rue Froissart 95, Brussels - 03 April 2014
The Renewable Power Dilemma
Making electricity grids fit for wind and solar power
Berlin - 18 March 2014
Standards: Can they spur or kill innovation?
A fringe session organised by the Science|Business Innovation Board, at the Innovation Convention 2014
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 11 March 2014
Entrepreneurship skills and training for SMEs – where does IP fit?
This event will focus on the role and value of intellectual property training and management for SMEs and how it can help them to prosper in Europe.
European Parliament, Brussels - 04 March 2014
‘Big science:’ What’s it really worth?
A Science|Business dinner debate
Brussels - 03 March 2014
5G@Europe Summit 2014 (Partner Event)
We bring the world’s leading mobile network experts to Munich – The 5G@Europe Summit (5G ES) aims to foster debate and provide a forum for sharing ideas regarding the mobile communications of the future.
Munich, Germany - 10 February 2014
Innovative regions: How can the EU support regional growth?
A high-level conference with Johannes Hahn, EU Regional Policy Commissioner
Brussels - 05 February 2014
The economics of Intellectual Property (partner event)
In partnership with the European Ideas Network
European Parliament - 22 January 2014
2013 Events
Thematic University-Business Forum (partner event)
Driving Innovation and Growth
Polonia Palace Hotel Warsaw Poland - 27 November 2013
Horizon 2020 – How to build Europe through joint research and innovation (partner event)
In partnership with the European Ideas Network
European Parliament, Brussels - 13 November 2013
From Lab to Market: Horizon 2020 - and how the EU can advance innovation
A Science|Business conference followed by the first annual Science|Business lecture
European Parliament, Brussels - 12 November 2013
The values of science: Towards an ethical charter for European research
High-level roundtable debate, focusing on questions of values and ethics in science, producing a new Charter for European Research.
Brussels - 05 November 2013
Gas: Too much of a good thing?
Gas suddenly became a lot more abundant than previously imagined, and prices in the US and other markets have plummeted.
University Foundation, Rue d'Egmont 11 - 1000, Brussels - 01 October 2013
Patents in Europe: What’s next?
After years of debate, the way Europeans protect their inventions is about to change radically with the implementation of the Unitary patent system.
Brussels - 17 September 2013
Supercomputers for all: The next frontier for Europe's high performance computing
A Science|Business dinner debate
Sofitel Europe, Brussels - 09 September 2013
The Next Internet Frontier: Access to Scientific Data
The Research Data Alliance: A new international initiative to tap the research potential of the Internet - In collaboration with the Transatlantic Policy Network
Washington, DC - 17 July 2013
Energy Futures: Towards Trans-Atlantic cooperation on Low-Carbon Energy Supply
A Science|Business Webcast conference – in collaboration with the Transatlantic Policy Network and GE
Sofitel, Place Jourdan 1, Brussels - 01 July 2013
Futures Webinar with Big Data expert John Wood [partner event]
Gain insight and expert perspective on the challenges and opportunities created by Big Data applications across research, healthcare and business with the co-chair of Europe's new Research Data Alliance.
Online Webinar - 24 June 2013
The race to produce low-carbon cars – which technology will win?
Many technologies are under development, from electric cars and fuel cells to cellulosic biofuels, but none yet are cost-effective and market uptake is stymied.
British Residence, Park Royal, Brussels - 21 June 2013
Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) 2013
The ACES - Academic Enterprise Awards - are the only pan-European awards for spin-out companies emerged from European universities and public research centres.
European Parliament, Brussels - 04 June 2013
Smarter Data for Europe: Live webcast with Vice-President Neelie Kroes
The development of ‘Big Data’ applications and e-infrastructure can stimulate a new wave of economic and social progress.
Park Royal, Brussels - 23 May 2013
Futures webinar: How to bridge Europe's skills gap in science [Partner Event]
A webinar with Anne Glover and Jan Muehlfeit.
Online Webinar - 09 April 2013
Webinar: Smarter Data for a Healthier Society
Public sector information can play an increasingly important role in helping Europe reap the economic and social benefits of ‘Big Data’.
Online Webinar - 12 February 2013
New technologies from the European Research Council
Meet the ERC’s Proof of Concept grantees. A by-invitation event organised by the Science|Business Innovation Board.
Brussels - 05 February 2013
Webinar: How Europe can build on its leading position in regenerative medicine
Following a positive ruling on patents and a decision to maintain funding for embryonic stem cell research in Horizon 2020, experts say that things are looking up for regenerative medicine.
Online Webinar - 09 January 2013
2012 Events
Webcast: Can EU = Entrepreneurship Union?
How can the EU help to get more technology start-ups moving? Join us to hear about the EU’s new €2.5 billion support programme for small companies, government procurement and university incubators.
Mission of Norway to the EU - 03 December 2012
Webcast: Horizon 2020 - The Parliament Speaks
Q&A with key MEPs about a series of crucial votes on the EU budget and R&D policy that is coming up in the European Parliament.
European Parliament, Brussels - 13 November 2012
Next Generation Stem Cell Therapies
What is the state of R&D, funding, and infrastructure in Europe? What challenges exist for the EU to maintain its research lead in this field? A Science|Business Policy Roundtable.
UK Representation to the EU, Brussels - 18 October 2012
Resource Innovation: New ideas for managing scarce resources and energy
By 2050 the EU needs to achieve a 4 to 10-fold increase in resource efficiency, and major gains are needed by 2020. Policy makers must now launch a vital shift to resource-lean production, and eco-innovation.
Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU, Brussels - 28 September 2012
Live webcast with Commissioner Potočnik
Eco-innovation: Harnessing R&D for a green economy - how can industry and universities benefit from the Commission's ‘Eco-Innovation Action Plan’ - streamed live from Brussels.
Mission of Norway to the EU - 26 September 2012
Policy Bridge: EU patent reform and its impact on innovation
A discussion about the EU's struggle towards a reform of its complex, costly patent system with unified application process, and steps towards a more efficient court system
European Parliament, Brussels - 18 June 2012
Q&A on future EU energy policy with Director-General Lowe
Re-watch the live broadcast about the technology and innovation needs of Europe in the next 40 years. A conference and webcast featuring Philip Lowe, Director General for Energy at the European Commission.
Brussels - 12 June 2012
How to bridge the transatlantic divide in IP
For the first time, the US and EU systems are starting to converge. Science|Business organises an open, expert debate on the legal, economic and technological implications.
US Congress, Washington DC - 07 May 2012
Meet the EIT - A European model for innovation
Meet the EIT during a high-level policy breakfast in Washington DC - organised by Science|Business.
St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC - 07 May 2012
Breaking the deadlock – getting carbon capture and storage technologies to market
A Science|Business academic policy symposium that will focus on how Europe can regain its lost momentum in carbon capture and storage innovation.
Norwegian Mission to the EU, Brussels - 27 April 2012
Horizon 2020 - Science|Business Policy Bridge
Will the EU’s €80 billion bet on research and innovation pay off? A roundtable discussion with Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn's chief of staff.
Scotland House, Brussels - 27 March 2012
21st Century Innovation Dinner Debate
What’s next? How could emerging ICT technologies disrupt the best-laid plans of policy makers? A dinner debate about how ICT will change the way universities, companies and governments think.
Brussels - 20 March 2012
ACES 2012 conference and gala dinner
Announcement of the pan-European Academic Enterprise Awards winners at a day long conference and gala awards dinner.
Royal Academy, Brussels - 21 February 2012
Lunchtalk: How economics shapes science
With countries struggling to build their growth strategies, there is an increased interest in understanding science to as engine of growth.
Bruegel, Brussels - 15 February 2012
Personalised Health Care: From Theory to Practice
Personalised health care is starting to move into clinical practice - and patients, health care providers and payers could all benefit.
Royal College of Physicians, London - 19 January 2012
2011 Events
Policy Bridge: Crowd-sourcing innovation
How to get growth and jobs from the Web? This roundtable discussion will produce a check-list of future steps needed to accelerate jobs growth.
European Parliament, Brussels - 09 December 2011
ACES Selection Committee meeting
The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES)Selection Committee meets to short list the winners of the 2012 awards.
Brussels - 07 December 2011
Open innovation: Can it work in Europe?
A roundtable discussion, with EU Innovation Lecturer Henry Chesbrough and leading practitioners, on the practical challenges and opportunities of open innovation in Europe
The Square, Brussels. - 06 December 2011
Health for All, Care for You
Personalised health care is starting to move into clinical practice - and patients, health care providers and payers could all benefit.
UK Representation to the EU, Brussels - 24 November 2011
How to Plan Europe’s Energy Future
A new approach to energy research and innovation is the subject of part 3 of a series of roundtable discussions on energy R&D policy.
EFTA Secretariat, Brussels - 23 November 2011
Healthcare Innovation: Can a global approach cut costs, and improve health?
Can greater transatlantic collaboration speed the needed innovations?
US Congress, Washington DC - 12 July 2011
The EIT – What is its future?
Will it get a big budget? Create more KICs? Will EIT expand its role in entrepreneurship, education and other fields?
European Parliament, Brussels. - 30 June 2011
The energy technology roadmap: The case of biofuels
Experts in research, policy and industry will address the key hurdles to bringing next-generation biofuels to market
Brussels - 28 June 2011
CIP Forum 2011 - The new wealth of nations [advertised event]
A high-level forum on how to build business, wealth and welfare in the knowledge-based economy
Gothenburg - 29 May 2011
Data protection and security: How will new technologies change the policy debate?
Should politicians be focusing at least as much on the Internet technology that is coming as they do today on the technology already here?
EFTA, Brussels - 25 May 2011
Power of the Purse: Can Europe use procurement power to stimulate innovation?
The European Commission has set a target of there being at least €10 billion allocated around the EU to buy innovative products and services.
European Parliament, Brussels - 16 March 2011
Is Energy R&D Harder?
Would a different policy approach help Europe meet the EC’s 2020 energy goals?
Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, Brussels, 09:00 - 14:00 - 11 March 2011
ACES Conference & Awards Gala
The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) culminate in a gala dinner and conference on academic enterprise. The host: ETH Zurich, one of the world’s leading technology universities.
ETH Zurich, Switzerland - 03 February 2011
Get Your Idea Funded! The GE $200 Million ecomagination Challenge: Powering Your Home
The challenge is part of GE’s ecomagination initiative, a global commitment to build innovative clean energy technologies and will help fund the most promising start-ups and breakthrough ideas.
Research institutions and Universities - 03 February 2011
2010 Events
ACES Selection Committee
Private meeting of the Science|Business Network to select finalists for the 2011 Academic Enterprise Awards.
ESADE Business School, Barcelona - 03 December 2010
Innovative companies – Going for broke? How to bridge the funding gap for SMEs
A vital part of the European Commission’s new Innovation Union strategy is to support new ways of helping small, innovative companies find the financing they need to get moving in the marketplace.
Brussels - 17 November 2010
Innovation Union - How will it Work? A Q&A with the Cabinet of Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn
Since February the European Commission has been developing a grand new strategy for innovation policy, led by EU Commissioner Maire Geohegan-Quinn.
EFTA, Brussels - 13 October 2010
What is the Innovation Union? How the EU’s new innovation plan could work in healthcare research
This roundtable meeting is part of the Science|Business Policy Bridge series and the Health for All, Care for You research project.
EFTA, Brussels - 09 June 2010
European Institute of Innovation and Technology - Going live
One of the biggest new EU initiative in R&D was launched in 2008, and in 2010 the research begins: The European Institute of Innovation and Technology, or EIT in Brussels-speak, is going live.
Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, Brussels - 26 May 2010
Personalised Healthcare Conference
Personalised healthcare is important - all the experts say so. But why isn't it more widely used in clinics, hospitals and labs across Europe?
Royal College of Physicians, London - 22 April 2010
Health for All, Care for You - The Promise of Personalised Healthcare in Europe
Personalised healthcare is important - all the experts say so. But why isn't it more widely used in clinics, hospitals and labs across Europe? What are the barriers to adoption of this emerging technology in Europe?
Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, Brussels - 04 February 2010
Framework for the future - A symposium on new directions for EU R&D funding
With a new Parliament and Commission in office, the debate over the future of the Framework programme moves to the top of the innovation-policy agenda in Brussels.
Mission of Norway to the EU, Brussels - 26 January 2010
2009 Events
Academic Enterprise Awards Conference & Gala 2009
Insights and knowledge on successful practices of university spin-outs Location: City Hall, Paris.
City Hall, Paris - 10 December 2009
Research and innovation: what's next in Brussels?
For the next nine months, everything in EU policy for R&D and innovation is up for debate, renewal and change.
Scotland House, Brussels - 06 November 2009
The Innovation Economy - An international policy dialogue
Getting new ideas, new partners and new growth for the global economy - an international policy dialogue.
Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels - 02 June 2009
Enabling the Green Citizen
How new ICT technologies could change our consumption of energy and help control climate change.
Scotland House, Brussels - 19 May 2009
Time for a global patent?
Patents: slow and steady wins the race?
Mission of Norway to the EU, Brussels - 21 April 2009
EIT: How will it work?
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology, or EIT in Brussels-speak, is finally under way with the formation of its Governing Board and Executive Committee in late 2008.
Brussels - 22 January 2009
How long will you live? - How research can inform policy
A healthy dialogue between science and policy is vital in our age. Whether in Brussels or the national capitals, policy decisions need input from what research can tell us about the world.
Universitaire Stichting/Fondation Universitaire, Brussels - 12 January 2009
2008 Events
Academic Enterprise Awards 2008 Launch Event
Launch, at ESOF 2008 in Barcelona, Europe’s largest multidisciplinary science conference, of a series of workshops on enterprise in science.
Barcelona - 21 July 2008
New Perspectives in Intellectual Property
An open discussion of new ideas for reforming the IP system in Europe. In autumn 2007, the French Senate at long last ratified the London Protocol, ending a requirement that every EU patent be translated into French.
EFTA, Brussels - 29 May 2008
Innovation clusters: how do you make them happen?
What public policies make for a successful innovation cluster - a dynamic community of university researchers, industrial partners, technology investors and growth companies?
Brussels - 15 April 2008
Framework 7 - A Progress Report - Champagne with the Chef de Cabinet
The European Commission's premier R&D initiative, Framework Programme 7, is now more than a year old. So how is it doing? Is the paperwork any easier for participants? Is the selection of projects any fairer?
Helmholtz Association, Brussels - 13 March 2008
Who will lead the Lead Markets?
Commission Vice President Günter Verheugen is determined to repeat the GSM standard success story. To do so, the European Union must step in to help bring innovative products and services to market.
EFTA, Brussels - 12 March 2008
How should the EU spend its R&D money?
A roundtable discussion on future priorities for EU R&D spending. January 2008 will mark the opening of an important, multi-pronged effort to change how and where the EU spends its billions in R&D subsidies.
Mission of Switzerland to the European Union - 17 January 2008
2007 Events
New Perspectives on Education and Skills for the 21st Century
With Odile Quintin, Director General for Education and Culture, European Commission. An open discussion of new ideas for reforming Europe - knowledge base. A fundamental weakness of European innovation lies in its academic sector.
EFTA, Brussels - 28 November 2007
The 5th Freedom - With EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik
How should Europe manage its R&D? That’s the question that, on 4 April, the European Commission decided to pose to researchers across Europe.
Mission of Norway to the EU, Brussels - 12 June 2007
Innovation, the demand side - A look into the future of EU innovation policy
A fundamental shift in European innovation policy is under discussion, one that could improve the climate for technology business and enhance the continent’s economic performance.
Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, Brussels - 16 March 2007
2006 Events
Investing in Education - Spending more, and smarter, on education
The future of Europe's ailing higher-education sector is at the top of political agendas these days.
Brussels - 20 December 2006
Shadow Summit on Innovation
In anticipation of an informal summit of EU leaders on Oct. 20 2006, Science|Business organized a Roundtable discussion on EU innovation policy at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Brussels.
Brussels - 09 October 2006
Catching the wave - How to take advantage of the rising tide in biotech finance
The financing market for biotech companies in Europe has been showing signs of life lately - with more private fundings, IPOs and trade sales.
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm - 13 June 2006
Roundtable - A dialogue to bridge the gap
If Europe's economy is to prosper into the 21st Century, it needs to get more ideas out of its famous university labs and into its commercial markets. A high-level meeting of academia, industry and government, organized by Science|Business.
ParisTech, Paris - 07 March 2006