Upcoming events

event Playing the Brexit cards: Strategies for universities and companies

A private meeting of Science|Business Brexit group

Brussels - 28 February 2017

event Seas, oceans and poles: How to get more innovation from maritime research?

A Science|Business Network roundtable discussion

Mission of Norway to the European Union, Brussels - 8 March 2017

event Stimulating excellence: How to get more bottom-up research across the EU

ERC=Science2 dinner-debate (by invitation-only)

Brussels - 20 March 2017

event The European Science Cloud: The Rules of Engagement (tbc)

Meeting of the Science|Business Open Data Cluster

Barcelona - 4 April 2017

event Variation In Health Outcomes: Regional Case Studies

Science|Business Healthy Measures session, at BIOVISION

Lyon, France - 5 April 2017

event Growth engine: How health data can improve care - and the economy

Science|Business Healthy Measures conference

Helsinki - 23 May 2017

event Infrastructure for the Science Cloud (date TBC)

Meeting of the Science|Business Open Data Cluster

Brussels - 6 June 2017

event Nuts & bolts: What next for the EU’s Key Enabling Technologies programmes?

Science|Business Network dinner

Brussels - 20 June 2017

event All digital: How e-health can improve the patient experience (date TBC)

Science|Business Healthy Measures conference

Tallinn - 4 September 2017

event Can innovation save the planet? Sustainability R&D in a Trumpian world (date TBC)

Science|Business Network dinner

Brussels - 14 September 2017

event Open data: How will the cloud change the business of science in Europe? (date TBC)

Science|Business Open Data Cluster conference

Brussels - 25 September 2017

event Open Data: the impact of Artificial intelligence (date TBC)

Meeting of the Science|Business Open Data Cluster

Brussels - 5 December 2017